DEF davyne


DEF davyne (pronounced divine) is an Oregon based Hip Hop artist that is known for his verbal dexterity, gymnastic delivery, intricate rhyme schemes, and emotional storytelling. He considers himself a writer first, but has been creating and performing music since the late 90’s. As a child, music was his solace and a therapeutic remedy. His earliest influences were Warren G, Jermaine Dupri, 2Pac, Twista, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. A prolific artist, DEF davyne has independently released hundreds of songs, several mixtapes, and two full length albums titled Scales of a Broken Libra, and The Balance. Over the past two decades, he has shared the stage with Hip Hop legends, and has performed in a variety of venues across the Northwest. His most notable performances were at the Lane County Fair, which he now does annually. After earning his music business Bachelors, he went on to earn his Masters in entertainment business. He graduated at the top of his class and was honored as the Valedictorian both times. He is currently working on his first industry level project which will be distributed through Universal. His music can be found in all major digital distribution channels and streaming services.

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