Dirty Meth Dopamina


Hip Hop devout since the early 90's, Dirty Meth Dopamina can be considered a hybrid musician from Italy. Eva's Milk band member for 15 years, he released 3 albums and 2 EP as a bass player (Fuego Records). At the same time, during this period, he founded and developed Hip Hop Hound.com, a website entirely dedicated to hip hop culture. Since his band was having a hiatus, he started to create his style as a producer. The sound he developes keeps his noise and psichedelic background and melts it with smokey and relaxing atmospheres, with a 90's hip hop wink. . On top of that, the lucky encounter with MC Amon Re the 8th Sign brought to an inspiring collaboration, which gave birth to a 7 tracks EP that will be released in August 2018, titled "New Strange Fruit".

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